Customs officers seize bread staffed with smuggled cigarettes at Lesovo checkpoint


Customs officers at the Lesovo customs checkpoint have seized bread stuffed with smuggled cigarettes in the luggage booth of a car with Bulgarian registration, the press office of the Customs Burgas announced.
The bread was transported by a 69-year-old Bulgarian woman from the town of Yambol, coming from Turkey. The woman has been drawn a statement for violation under the Customs Act.
Customs officers have found some 59 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps in the breads in woman's pockets.
Some 8 cigarette smuggling attempts from Turkey have been detected over the last 24 hours at Lesovo customs checkpoint in cooperation with the Border Police.
Authorities have seized 9,440 pieces (472 boxes) of cigarettes without excise stamps. All violators are citizens of the town of Yambol.