53.5кг of heroin detained at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, says customs chief

Heroin haul detained at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint runs to 103 separate packages or 53.5 kilos, said Todor Karaivanov, chief of the Customs Svilengrad, in an interview with FOCUS News Agency.
Karaivanov commented further that the cases detected at the border checkpoint probably concern an organised criminal group dealing with drug trafficking.
The case is now within the authorities of the general directorate for fight against organised crime. Authorities are investigating the one that has ordered the drug delivery and the involvement of each of the detainees in the crime.
"Thanks to the professionalism of our colleagues, of the officers with the Interior ministry, whom we worked with, we managed to seize an entire drug haul, which has been divided and smuggled by several vehicles. We hampered the trafficking of large amount of drug through the border," Todor Karaivanov said.
"What attracted customs officers' attention was the analysis on the risk and the different risk indicators, which emerged during the check on one of the vehicles, such as the behaviour of the passengers, the type of the luggage," Karaivanov commented further.