Large amount of fake brand clothes seized at Lesovo checkpoint

Some 6,046 sets of sports outfit, pullovers, blouses and trousers with fake labels of world popular brands have been seized by the customs inspectors at the Lesovo customs checkpoint during a check on a heavy-freight TIR truck with Turkish registration, the press office of the National Customs Agency announced.
The truck was driven by a Bulgarian national, travelling from Turkey to Ukraine, passing transit through Bulgaria. The vehicle was transporting 234 commercial parcels with textile items and different commercial goods, sent by a company based in Istanbul.
During the check the customs officers detected that the truck is transporting items, which have not been stated in the documents. 37 of the parcels contained fake clothes of world popular brands, which have been confiscated.
The seized items include: 5,360 Lacoste pullovers, 540 Adidas sports sweatshirts and blouses, and 120 Wrangler trousers.