Customs officers at Gyueshevo checkpoint seize snake put in a sock


On July 24 in the frames of a routine check on a passenger's bus leaving the territory of the country through the Gyueshevo border checkpoint, customs officers found a snake hidden in the pocket of one of the passengers.
During the routine check customs officers notices that something is moving in passenger's pocket. It turned out that the man was carrying a snake hidden in a sock and wrapped in plastic bag. The passenger - a Macedonian citizen, explained that the snake is his pet but did not have any documents proving the purchase and the ownership.
The customs officers confiscated the snake and alarmed the Regional Inspectorate for Protection and Control of the Public Health about the case and get instructions about how to take care of it.
The unexpected guest at the customs checkpoint turned out to be a female snake, a young Asian elaphe taeniura frisei, which is not a protected species and is not poisonous. Customs inspectors are now taking care of it following the instructions of the public health inspectorate. The snake will be transferred to the Sofia Zoo, where it would stay until its owner manages to prove its origin and the ownership.