More than 10 statements for cigarette smuggling drawn every day at Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint


More than 10 statements for cigarettes smuggling are drawn every day at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint, the press office of the National Customs Agency announced. The number of citizens, who are not aware of the admissible amount of free import of cigarettes, is three times bigger.
The ratio calculated in pieces of cigarettes is just the opposite - seven times bigger amounts of tobacco products are seized in cigarette smuggling cases.
Some 3,794 boxes of 75,880 pieces of cigarettes and 2.5 kilos of loose tobacco have been seized from 95 passengers in three days, because the cigarettes and the tobacco exceeded the admissible cap for duty-free import.
Meanwhile, following the risk analysis method, during thorough checks customs officers have found 25,725 boxes or 514,500 pieces of cigarettes and 1.9 kilos of tobacco, for which they have drawn 31 statements for customs violation.
The total amount of seized tobacco products runs to 29,519 boxes or 590,380 pieces of cigarettes and 4.4 kilos of loose tobacco.