1,792 pieces of clothes, socks from Turkey seized at Malko Tarnovo customs


Customs inspectors at the Malko Tarnovo checkpoint seized a record number of 1,792 pieces of clothes and socks from two cars.
The cars were with Turkish and Bulgarian registration, travelling from Turkey to Bulgaria.
The first one was driven by a 42-year-old Bulgarian national living in Istanbul. The driver and his companions said they had nothing to declare before the customs, However, during a customs check authorities seized some 1,560 pairs of socks hidden in the car seats and in the luggage-carrier. This is the second foiled attempt of the so-called ‘sock smuggling' from Turkey over the last two weeks, commented customs inspectors, who prognosticated the launching of the ‘autumn collection' yet in the end of the summer season.
This tendency is confirmed by the other smuggling case reported at Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint. Some 232 pieces male, female and children's blouses, pullovers, trousers and sports suits were seized during a check on a car with Bulgarian registration, driven by a 26-year-old Bulgarian. The smuggled pieces of clothes were found in car's luggage-carrier and in the personal luggage of a passenger in the car.