Customs officers at Sofia Airport seize 120 kilos of endangered Anguilla eels


Customs officers with the Customs Intelligence and Investigation at Sofia Airport seized 120 kilos of the endangered Anguilla eels, the National Customs Agency announced.
During a check on a postal shipment aimed for export authorities found six parcels, each of which containing 4 containers full of live eels of the Anguilla type. The eels were of 7-8 centimetres. The eels were put in waterless environment. The boxes were full of ice. The eels were alive, in contrast to what was stated in the documents - chilled fish, dead and ready for consumption.
The eels are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and they should be accompanied by a special certificate.
The eels were delivered by a charter flight from Spain to a Bulgarian company, which was supposed to transport them to the Philippines.
A statement over customs violation was drawn on a 55-year-old Bulgarian national. The eels were handed to the Sofia Zoo.