2,5 kg of gold jewelry seized at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on Bulgarian-Turkish border


Customs inspectors have seized 2,5 kg of gold jewelry at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, announced the National Customs Agency.
At 3:30 a.m. on Saturday a car with a Romanian license plate number arrived at the checkpoint on its way to Turkey. Four Romanian citizens were traveling in it and they did not declare any goods and currency. The car was selected for a detailed check and customs inspectors found eight packets of gold jewelry in four bags which were part of the passengers' baggage. The pieces of gold jewelry are 326 rings, 178 earrings, 151 necklaces, 80 bracelets and 63 medallions. They weigh more than 2,496 kg in total and are worth BGN 150,000 according to an expert. It turned out the gold jewelry belonged to one of the passengers - a 46-year-old Romanian national with initials V.B.
An investigating customs inspector is working on the case. Pre-trial proceedings were opened.