Customs officers at Kalotina seize ‘terrarium’ with reptiles from the Czech Republic


Customs officers at the Kalotina checkpoint seized another smuggled ‘terrarium' with reptiles from the Czech Republic.
Last night the customs officers detained a 20-year-old Bulgarian citizen from Bulgaria's second biggest city of Plovdiv, who tried to enter on the territory of the country by foot carrying a huge tourist rucksack. The customs officer decided to check what was inside the rucksack and found cloth-made bags and plastic box with live animals.
Authorities found some 32 exotic reptiles and amphibians: 10 boa snakes, 1 American grass-snake, 3 pythons regius, 2 grass-snakes, 3 yellow-cheek turtles, 2 black turtles, 3 milk frogs, 3 orange frogs, 2 skinks, 1 agama lizard and 2 tarantulas.
The man said we was travelling from the Czech Republic, where he got the exotic reptiles from.
The reptiles and the amphibians were urgently transported to the rescue centre at the Sofia Zoo.