Three attempts for smuggling empty cigarettes at Kapitan Andreevo crossing within 24 hours


Three attempts for empty cigarettes smuggling were thwarted at Kaptain Andreevo border checkpoint within 24 hours. The first two cases are about cars that arrive simultaneously at the checkpoint and do not declare anything to customs officials. However, cars are selected for verification. In the external cavities and external cladding on the first car VW Golf owned by the 58-year-old M.D. from Karamantsi, customs officers found 2000 cigarette filter cartridges. The second car is Peugeot 306 with Plovdiv license plate in which were found 3600 filters for cigarettes.
Later, a car with Haskovo license plate driven by 29-year-old K. P. from Harmanli arrived at the customs office. The car was selected for scrutiny check where customs inspectors found two additional tanks stuffed with cigarette filter cartridges. Cartridges were hidden in the rear doors and rear fender cavities. In the hiding places were discovered nearly 34,000 cigarettes with filter cartridges.