Customs officers at Kalotina seize ‘cigarette beg’ in driver’s cabin


Customs officers at Kalotina found a ‘cigarette bed' in the driver's cabin of a truck, the press office of the NCA announced.
Two freight vehicles arrived at the Kalotina customs checkpoint one after the other, both with Bulgarian registration, travelling to Italy and Portugal, respectively.
Despite that the law allows for passengers to carry up to 2 boxes of cigarettes through the border, the driver of the first truck said he had 200. This was not the online violation. After a thorough check, authorities found more contraband cigarettes close to the right seat in the driver's cabin. Authorities seized a total of 220 boxes of cigarettes.
The second truck was loaded with much more cigarettes. Only in the driver's cabin customs officers found 409 boxes of cigarettes with Serbian excise stamps. The bigger amount of the illegal tobacco products was found in a pillow and in a sleeping bag under the mattress of the upper bed.