Customs officers seize a ‘zoo in a bag’ at Kalotina checkpoint


Customs officers at the Kalotina customs checkpoint seized an entire terrarium with exotic reptiles.
The reptiles were found in a passenger's bus entering the territory of Bulgaria from Serbia and travelling on a regular run from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria. The bus arrived at 6:45 a.m. on Monday.
A Bulgarian national tried to smuggle the reptiles into the country without declaring them before the customs. The reptiles were found in bags put in the bus' luggage grid. The exotic collection consists of 6 komodo dragons, 4 caimans, 3 pythons, 15 chameleons, 49 tortoises, 1 scorpion, 6 crabs, 10 snails, as well as many worms and cockroaches.
Work on the case continues.