Rolling tobacco replaces cigarettes at illegal market

24 kilos of rolling tobacco with unpaid excise duty were seized by customs officers in the Northern city of Ruse in three checks carried out over the last three days. The amount of the seized tobacco is enough for the making of 25,000 pieces of cigarettes. The unpaid excise duty for 24 kilos of tobacco runs to BGN 3,648.
Courier's companies do not observe the law for the shipment of excise goods.
There is a new tendency at the illegal market of tobacco products. Customs officers in Ruse have ascertained that the rolling tobacco has replaced the smuggled cigarettes. The smuggled tobacco is offered online and the orders are made on the phone. The deliveries are made by courier's companies. Often the tobacco is declared as herbs. The deliveries are small - of around 5 to 10 kilos.
Customs officers in ruse launch mass checks at the courier's offices.