Over 500 kg of drugs seized at Sofia Airport since beginning of year: customs section chief


Sofia. Since the beginning of 2012 about 35 cases of seized drugs have been registered at Sofia Airport and the amount is between 500 and 600 kg, Stefan Bakalov, chief of the Unit for Customs Intelligence and Investigation at Sofia Airport Customs, told journalists, cited by FOCUS News Agency.
According to him the seized drugs are of various types, including uncategorized ones.
In Europe Bulgaria is in top five in terms of seizures of uncategorized drugs. We managed to seize them and categorize them as drugs, said Bakalov.
He added that in comparison with the rest European countries Bulgaria manages quickly to adapt its legislation to all new drugs.
He said the so-called designer drugs were most common. They arrive most frequently from China and Southeastern Asian countries, but there are also cases of EU import. As to designer drugs, there is not an exact route, which is not the case with cocaine which comes from Latin America to Europe, said Bakalov.
On Tuesday customs officers held a meeting about drug trafficking and use with 120 pupils at Sofia Airport. The children were shown various types of drugs and their effect was explained to them.
According to Stefan Bakalov teenagers try drugs most frequently out of curiosity and that's why the National Customs Agency holds trainings such as today's one.
Throughout the year we visit about 30 schools and we try to direct children's curiosity towards our work. After the meetings 90% of the pupils want to become customs officers, he said.
Asked which drugs are most common among Bulgarian teenagers, Bakalov said they are cannabis and amphetamine. He added there was a drop in use of heroin.