Bulgarian customs officers seize 1,5 million contraband cigarettes in suitcases


Lesovo. Bulgarian customs officers at Lesovo checkpoint have seized 1,472,600 contraband cigarettes in the past 24 hours, announced the National Customs Agency.
The contraband cigarettes were hidden in three minibuses which entered Bulgaria from Turkey one after the other. Two of the drivers are Moldovan citizens and the third one is a Bulgarian national with an address registration in the city of Chisinau, Moldova.
The three people submitted customs declarations about import of various goods from Turkey. Despite the immaculate documents, the customs officers on duty carried out a check of the minibuses and found a total of 73,630 packets of contraband cigarettes without excise duty stamps, besides the declared goods. The cigarettes were of different brands and some of the packets read For duty free.
The contraband cigarettes were hidden in suitcases. They are worth more than BGN 0,5 million.
The case is under further investigation. Three pre-trial proceedings were opened. The drivers of the three minibuses and their passengers - a total of six Moldovan and Bulgarian citizens - are under 72-hour arrest.