Ruse customs officers find two cases of alcohol, bottled as vegetable oil


Ruse. Ruse customs officers uncovered two cases of alcohol bottled as vegetable oil. This is what press center of National Customs Agency announced. On Sept. 21, 2012 in the night a car was selected for check during a joint inspection with the Border police at Danube Bridge checkpoint. The cat was traveling from Bulgaria to Romania. During the check the customs officers found 55 bottles of 1 liter clear colorless liquid with an odor of ethyl alcohol, 15 bottles of 1.5 liters clear colorless liquid with a smell of vodka and nine bottles of 1.5 liters of cognac. The quantity of 91 liters of alcohol is intended for sale in the Romanian market by two Bulgarian nationals. Alcohol has been in bottles in bottles for vegetable oil of our famous brand.