Customs officers in Lesovo seize mini-van with smuggled cigarettes, perfumes and car parts


Freight mini-van with Moldovan registration, transporting nearly half a ton of smuggled cigarettes, perfumes, car parts, nuts and confectionery, was detained by customs officers at the Lesovo customs checkpoints, in a joint operation of the customs authorities and the territorial unit of the General Directorate for Fight Against Organised Crime (GDBOP) - Yambol.
Authorities seized a total of 358,000 pieces /17,900 boxes/ of cigarettes of different brands without excise stamps, 462 perfumes for men and women, 45 sets of car parts and 360 kilos of nuts, dried fruits and confectionery.
The mini-van was travelling from Moldova to turkey, passing transit through Bulgaria. The driver was a Moldovan national with Bulgarian passport and double citizenship. He was accompanied by two other people, who were with double citizenship, too. He declared only part of the shipment transported by the vehicle.
A pre-court proceeding has been initiated. Work on the case continues.