More than half a kilo of gold seized at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint

More than half a kilo of golden jewellery was seized today by customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint. The items were transported by four passengers travelling by a mini-bus coming from Turkey to Bulgaria. The vehicle was selected for a check under the risk analysis method. The passengers said they had nothing to declare before the customs.
Customs officers found a total of 72 jewellery items - bracelets, chains, medallions, and earrings, in the personal luggage of 35-year-old Z.K., 23-year-old A.K., 46-year-old V.S., and 50-year-old L.P., all from Bulgaria's second biggest city of Plovdiv.
According to experts, the seized jewellery is worth around BGN 32,470.
The smuggled jewellery was seized, while the offenders were imposed fines under the currency act.