Heroin worth over BGN 2,5 million seized on Bulgarian-Turkish border

Heroin worth more than BGN 2,5 million has been seized at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on the Bulgarian-Turkish border.
On Thursday the customs inspectors at the checkpoint selected for a check a car traveling from Istanbul to Bosnia and Herzegovina. They found 23 packages of heroin in the petrol tank of the car. The smugglers made another, a five-liter petrol tank so that the vehicle could move. He drug weighs 21,810 kg in total. It is estimated at BGN 2,541,600. The car was driven by a 44-year-old citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After an investigation the customs inspectors seized one more car close to Svilengrad customs. A bond was established between the two vehicles and the involvement of the driver of the second car - a 48-year-old citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina - is being investigated.
The case is referred to an investigating customs inspector.