Bulgaria customs seize 9mln pieces of cigarettes hidden in socks yarn

Customs officers at the Kapitan Petko Voyvoda border checkpoint seized a truck transporting nearly 9 million pieces of smuggled cigarettes.
The truck was with Bulgarian registration, driven by a Bulgarian national from Sofia. It arrived at the checkpoint during the night. According to the document presented to the customs authorities, the truck was supposed to transport polyester threads (socks yarn) aimed for a Bulgarian company.
The truck was selected for a thorough check following the risk analysis method and redirected to the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint.
After the overall inspection authorities detected that there was only one line of yarn boxes, while the rest of the truck was loaded with cigarettes. Customs officers found more than 8.7 million pieces of cigarettes of exotic brands, such as PIER, MALIMBO, MAXUS and ESER, all without excise stamp.
The cigarettes have been confiscated. The seizure foiled a financial harm to the state budget estimated at around BGN 1.5 million.