Customs officers at Vidin Ferryboat checkpoint seize cocaine in capsules for swallowing


At 10 a.m. on July 8 customs officers at the Vidin Ferryboat customs checkpoint selected for a check an Audi car with Bulgarian registration. There were three Bulgarians travelling in the vehicle. A thorough check disclosed a hidden compartment inside the car where authorities found 48 capsules put in a plastic bag. The capsules were full of white powder substance. The drug test made on the field responded to cocaine. The total amount of the drug was 438 grams.
The passengers said they were coming from Austria. The way the drug was packed hints that it comes from South America and has been transported by a ‘mule'.
The three passengers in the car were arrested.
Customs experts explain that the seized amount is usually smuggled by one single person (swallowed and smuggled in ‘mule's stomach).