More than 15 master-cases of cigarettes seized at Zlatarevo, Kulata checkpoints in one day


More than 15 master-cases of illegal cigarettes were seized in one day at the Zlatarevo and Kulata border checkpoints, the press office of the National Customs Agency (NCA) announced for FOCUS News Agency.
A mobile customs group of the Central Customs Department stopped a car (mini-van) with Bulgarian registration for a check at the Zlatarevo border checkpoint. During the search authorities found some 420 cartons of cigarettes of different brands with Macedonian excise stamp.
Meanwhile, during a check on a camper car at the Kulata border checkpoint authorities seized 150 cartons of cigarettes without excise stamps. The illegal tobacco products were hidden in hollow spaces inside the car, over the driver's seat.
Later on other 193 cartons of illegal cigarettes were seized from 3 cars passing through the Zlatarevo checkpoint.