Bulgarian customs inspectors seize fake perfumes and textile at Kalotina, Kapitan Andreevo checkpoints


The customs inspectors at Kalotina and Kapitan Andreevo checkpoints have seized more than 600 perfumes, with 311 of them being fake, and 3,277 fake T-shirts, shoes, sneakers and bags.
On 1 June the customs inspectors on duty at Kalotina checkpoint carried out a check in a bus traveling on its regular destination between Bulgaria and Poland. They found 293 perfumes in the baggage of one of the passengers. The perfumes were bought in Turkey. A statement of customs violation was drawn to the 48-year-old Polish national with initials L.J.
311 more fake perfumes were seized at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint.
In the past week in separate cases the customs inspectors seized also 3,277 textile products - T-shirts, blouses, trousers, shoes, bags, sneakers - and 311 perfumes and toilet waters.