NCA chief: Results after check at Svilengrad Customs showed the current state of the customs, needed reforms


National Customs Agency (NCA) Director Vanyo Tanov announced the results after the overall check at the Customs Svilengrad after an operation of the Interior Ministry and the Prosecution Office at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint.
Eight of the customs officers arrested on May 2 will be dismissed at the decision of the Disciplinary Council. The chief of the Svilengrad Customs will be reduced in rank for one year. The same punishment goes for the head of the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint and the chief of the shift. The chief of the Kapitan Andreevo, the head of the shift of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department at Svilengrad Customs will be dismissed.
Some 270 officers with the Customs Svilengrad have undergone tests over the last three days, as 17% of the officers completely failed the tests. Other 40% passed the tests but the results pointed at counter-productive behaviour, which indicates a system of values, which is perceive living in a lie as normal.
"The good news is that all newly appointed officers have passed the tests very well," Tanov remarked.
"These results do not give me other administrative possibilities, but gives us a chance to see what strategy is needed about what kind of team we need to establish," Vanyo Tanov commented, adding that the work at the Svilengrad Customs will be strictly monitored over the next months.