Smuggled rifles, cartridges seized at Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint


Two smuggled rifles and large amount of cartridges have been seized by customs inspectors at the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint.
One of the rifles is a rifling arm weapon with optics, while the second one - smoothbore rifle. Authorities have seized some 248 cartridges, most of which were for the optical rifle.
The arms and cartridges were found in a thorough search on a car with Turkish registration, driven by a 46-year-old Turkish national, accompanied by his wife - a Moldovan national, and her mother. The three were travelling from Moldova to Turkey through Bulgaria.
They told the customs officers that they had nothing to declare. However, the customs offers selected the vehicle for a check.
The smuggled rifles were found wound inside old rugs. The cartridges were put in food boxes.