New requirements of Customs Union (Belarus - Kazakhstan - Russia) for the electronic submission of information on goods entering its territory


Based on information received by the customs administrations of the Russian Federation and Belarus during the meetings held in June 2012 from the Polish customs administration, on 06/17/2012, the following requirements are in force:
The rules and the scope of the necessary data are general across the EU. Technical and organizational solutions may vary in different countries.

In which situations are relevant to the requirements?

- For goods entering the territory of the Union by road transport (foreseen in the future for other modes, but the dates are not specified)
- For companies and individuals carrying goods under customs control (including transportation of purchased motor vehicles)
The requirements do not apply to postal matters, and shipments made under cover of ATA carnets.

Information must be sent electronically two hours before entry into the territory of the Union. Data must be submitted in Russian.

What are the possibilities for submitting data?

Russian office offers the following options for data submitting:

- Web portal - - provided by the Russian Customs Office.
Any person may register in this portal to receive user login and password and use it free for data transmission. This can be done anywhere, but will also be able to access the portal at the border crossing. The completed electronic declaration contains a unique number (36 characters) which must be presented when entering the border. The portal is only in Russian language and the data must be entered in Russian.

- Services of customs agents / brokers

- Using the application TIR-EPD, provided free by the IRU, only to holders of the TIR carnet. This is one option, but no data are available as technical conditions are still under discussion between Russia and the IRU.

Russian Customs Office informed that in the initial phase of 6 months shipments without electronic information submitted will not be returned to the border, but these shipments will be treated without priority.

Belarusian customs offers the following options for data:

- Services of customs agents / brokers who may be Belarusian or other, but in practice the service is limited to the Belarusian customs agent / broker "Beltamozhservice", which can provide both service and facility, as owner of the only application approved and certified by Belarusian customs, but in both cases, a charge of "Beltamozhservice" should be paid for each operation for each statement sent.

- Using the application TIR-EPD, provided free by the IRU, only to holders of the TIR carnet. Its use is accepted and regulated at national level on 01.10.2011
The most common problems that lead to rejection of electronic information, refer to the description of goods - part description or description in foreign language (not Russian / Belarusian language)

Electronic information is validated formally in the system, an identification number is assigned if all passes successfully or rejection shall be announced with reason, reason by returning the message. It must be submitted to the customs authorities at the border.

Customs officers at the border always check at second stage the correctness of data, compliance with the documents and others. In case of rejection must be sent new information.

Carriers who enter through the border crossing without advance electronic information submitted will be suspended and will have to send it in the next two hours, otherwise they may be subject to administrative fines. Moreover, such shipments would have to wait longer because they will be treated without priority.