Drug traffickers use 3-year-old child for coverage in Vidin

Customs officers in the town of Vidin detected a shocking case of smuggling in which a three-year-old child was used as coverage. A young family of Albanians was travelling with a friend and a three-year-old child. They passengers told the customs officers they had nothing to declare and told authorities they were going to a wedding in Romania. However, following the risk analysis method customs officers decided to check the vehicle. The driver of the car got really nervous, started trembling and almost had a car accident close to the customs checkpoint.
The check revealed 51 well-wrapped packages, all full of a grass substance. The drug test made on the field responded to marihuana. Each of the packages weighted around 270 - 550 grams, as the total weight of all packages was nearly 22 kilos.
The driver explained he got the car recently with the purpose to travel to Romania.
The marihuana was confiscated, while all passengers were arrested.