Bulgarian customs seize 3,000 pairs of trousers hidden unto 10 tons of fabrics

Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint seized 3,000 pairs of fake Zara trousers hidden under 10 tons of fabrics.
The large amount of fake items was aimed for the Polish market, hidden under 10 tons of fabrics and under the cover of a complex logistic scheme.
The fake Zara clothes were loaded on a truck with Polish registration in Turkey. The vehicle was driven by a Turkish national. The shipment was supposed to be unloaded at a concrete customs checkpoint in Slovakia and then proceed to Poland. It is exactly for this complex shipment route to attract the attention of the Bulgarian customs officers, who decided to unload the fabrics and thus find the 13 bags full of 3,000 pairs of different women's trousers bearing the logo of world popular brand Zara.
Work on the case continues.