Bulgaria customs detain mother using child for smuggling


Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint solved a case in which a mother used her 6-year-old child to smuggle electronic cigarettes.
The little boy was travelling to Turkey by car with his mother (48-year-old woman from Bulgaria's second biggest city of Plovdiv) and another man. When asked to declare their personal belongings and transported goods at the customs checkpoint, the mother and the man said they were carrying 34 e-cigarettes and 15 chargers for the cigarettes.
Before the eyes of the customs officers the man took off the cigarettes, which were hidden under an elastic belt around his waist, while the woman confessed that she had hidden the e-cigarettes and chargers under the lining of her child's jacket.
In a following thorough check customs authorities found other 35 electronic cigarettes and 35 chargers hidden under the back seat of the car.
The illegal goods were confiscated.
In another case, customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint found 70 e-cigarettes, 180 filers and 15 chargers hidden in an empty 20-litre box of juice, which was found in the personal luggage of a 64-year-old Bulgarian woman travelling by car from Turkey to Bulgaria.
The illegal goods were confiscated.