Ruse customs rescue Romanian smuggler from attacks of angry bus drivers


 Timely reaction of inspectors with Customs Ruse rescued from physical fight a Romanian cigarettes smuggler, who was attacked by two drivers of Romanian passenger's buses. The bus drivers got really angry after the x-ray scanner of the customs detected 200 boxes of smuggled cigarettes hidden in packages of detergent, grain foods and biscuits. The passenger, who was smuggling the cigarettes tried to delude the customs officers and denied, which delayed the check even further. After it was officially ascertained whom the cigarettes belonged to, the bus drivers were already so angry that they decided to punish the smuggler on their own for undermining the reputation of their company and delaying the run.
The incident took place on Thursday.
The bus was travelling on regular Athens-Bucharest run. The seized cigarettes were of the brands Gold Mount Superslims, Gold Mount white and Raquel Slims.
Last night customs officers in Ruse drew six statements of violation over cigarettes smuggling.
The total amount of the seized cigarettes is more than 520 boxes.