Bulgaria customs bust driver while unloading smuggling goods


 Bulgarian customs officers with the Customs-Ruse busted a Turkish bus in the moment of unloading of bags full of perfumes and sports outfits, replicas of world popular brands.
On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday a mobile group of customs inspectors noticed a bus travelling on Istanbul-Bucharest run, which had stopped close to a filling station. There were piles of black plastic bags next to the vehicle.
The customs officers decided to escort the bus to the customs warehouse at Danube Bridge to carry out a thorough check in which they found around 350 perfumes of different brands (CHANEL, DIZEL, DOLCE GABANA, LA COSTE, PACO RABAN, BULGARI, AZZARO, CK) and around 60 sports outfits with the logos of popular brands (ARMANI, ADIDAS, GUCCI, BURBERRY).
Initially the driver of the bus tried to explain that a passenger from South Bulgaria got on the bus and then left in the town of Ruse, saying that she would come for her luggage later on with a taxi. Eventually, however, the driver confessed that he imported the shipment illegally from Turkey.
The driver was drawn a statement for administrative violation, while the shipment was confiscated.