Smuggled cigarettes, fake goods seized at Kapitan Andreevo



6,000 pieces of smuggled cigarettes were seized by customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint. The cigarettes were found in the luggage section of a passenger's bus with Turkish registration. The vehicle was stopped for a check, in which authorities found 300 boxes of ASSOS Slims and PALL MALL cigarettes put in the luggage box above a bus seat.
The cigarettes belonged to a passenger, a 49-year-old man from Istanbul, who confessed he bought them at the duty free shop in Turkey.
In another case on the same day, the customs checked a bus with Macedonian registration and found 152 perfumes and toilet waters, 80 short trousers and 597 short-sleeve blouses, all bearing the logos of world popular brands. There is a suspicion of violation of the brand and the good were confiscated.