570 boxes of illegal cigarettes, around 400 illegal fuel seized in Ruse



Joint operations of the mobile customs teams with Customs Ruse and Boder Police seized a total of 570 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps and around 400 litres of illegal fuel.
Two men were arrested, accused of illegal distribution of cigarettes. Pre-court proceedings have been initiated.
A 62-year-old man was busted on Sunday while trying to unload from his car bags full of 100 Raquel Slims and 280 boxes of Gold Classic.
Later on authorities found 190 boxes of Raquel Slims stored in a garage owned by a 32-year-old man, who confessed ownership over the cigarettes. During the same check customs and border police officers also found 10 tubes full of fuel.
Other 300 litres of unidentified fuel were found in another joint operation in Ruse. The fuel was found in the luggage booth of a car.