Bulgaria customs bust 12kg of tobacco hidden among summer slippers



Customs inspectors at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint seized 12 kilos of tobacco for smoking hidden in suitcases full of summer slippers.
Since the turn of the year until now customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint have drawn nearly 1,000 statements for smuggling attempts, mostly to Bulgarian nationals, who tried to hide and avoid declaring cigarettes and tobacco without excise stamps.
In one of the cases the customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint stopped for a check a passenger's bus travelling from Turkey to Bulgaria. Duirng the thorough check on the personal luggage of one of the passengers - H.M. aged 40 from the town of Tryavna, authorities found 12 kilos of tobacco in man's two suitcases. In both suitcases there were several pairs of summer slippers. There were also 30 boxes of Assos Slims cigarettes without excise stamps. The price of the illegal tobacco if BGN 3,000, while the cost of the unpaid excise duty - BGN 1,824.