Bulgaria customs bust 13 illegal alcohol distillation cauldrons

Only in one week customs officers with the Customs Office - Ruse busted 13 illegal alcohol distillation cauldrons.
All distillers were busted while in exploitation. Authorities confiscated the facilities, if it was possible, while the rest were sealed.
The most striking cases were in the villages of Yarebitsa and Paisieva, municipality of Silistra.
At one brewery in the village Yarebitsa authorities busted three distillers with a total capacity of 659 litres, while in Paisievo - 2 distillers of a total of 220 litres. Illegal alcohol production was also busted in Dve Mogili and Krasen, district of Ruse; in Razgrad, including in Razgrad district - in the villages of Dryanovets, Liznitsa, Beli Lom, Kichenitsa and Pravda.
The total amount of the confiscated alcohol is around 50 litres.