Romanian woman tries to smuggle 4kg of gold hidden in cakes


Customs officers from Ruse seized nearly 4 kilos of undeclared golden jewellery from a Romanian woman, who had hidden the smuggled goods into bags full of food products and sweetmeats.
The Romanian tried to illegally transport the golden items from Turkey to Romania, in violation of the Currency Act.
The luxurious Audi A8 with the smuggled shipment arrived at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint late on Friday. There were two men and two women in the car. The vehicle was selected for a thorough check when the customs officers detected the illegal jewellery. One of the women confessed that the bag with the gold belonged to her. She said she bought the jewellery in Turkey for EUR 85,000. She said she did not declare it because she did not know she had to.
The woman was imposed a 3-year suspended sentence and a fine of BGN 25,000.
The golden items were confiscated to the benefit of the state. Its value is estimated at around BGN 210,000.