Undeclared currency seized by Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo



Undeclared currency to the amount of BGN 64,500 was seized by Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo Customs border point. The violators were three Romanian citizens, travelling by car from Romania to Turkey.

They declared before the Bulgarian Customs Officers that they have no currency or commercial goods to declare. During the personal inspection carried out by the Officers, it became evident that each of the passengers carried Euro, US dollars and Romanian Lei exceeding the allowed non-declarable amount of € 10,000 per person. The total amount of the confiscated currencies is € 30,250, USD 2,890 and RON 2,800, equal to BGN 64,500.

The Burgas Customs officials remind all the passengers that a person entering or leaving the EU territory can carry in cash non-declarable amount of maximum € 10,000 (or equivalent). The exceeding amount of cash has to be declared at the Customs authorities, regarding the Currency Act and the existing Regulation 1889/2005 of the EU.