Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo Checkpoint found 1196 fake perfumes in the minivan


Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo Checkpoint revealed a case in which children at the age of 3 and 5 years old were used for smuggling fake perfumes. The children were traveling in a minivan with their parents for Germany. At the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint  customs officers invited the passengers traveling in the vihicle to declare the transported precious metals and currency. The German citizens declared 200 bottles of perfumes and toilet  which they bought from a market in Istanbul.

After a detailed check of the minivan Customs officers found out in the luggage compartment , under the back seat of the minivan and in suitcases 996 bottles of perfumes and toilet waters more than they  declared with the logos of world popular brands Gucci, Coco Chanel , Lancome, Paco Raban.

The perfumes and minivan were confiscated and customs officers issued an  Act to the driver.