Smuggler of contraband cigarettes was detained by customs and border authorities in Rousse



24-year-old man from Rousse was caught while carrying 2,000 boxes of illegal cigarettes. In an attempt to escape from the teams of Customs Rousse and Border Police with a car "Alfa Romeo" the man with the initials GG crashed into a stone wall and tear it down. As a result of the accident no injuries, but the fugitive was arrested.

The operation of the Border Police and Customs Rousse was held on March 2 around 10 pm in Ruse district. Total 1,500 boxes of cigarettes "Famous" and 500 boxes of cigarettes "Turquoise" were found in the car of GG There were six doses of marijuana in the car.

GG was detained in Ruse trial detention by order of the prosecutor. The crime is being investigated by investigating customs inspector at Customs Rousse.

This is not the first meeting of GG with customs and police authorities. In December last year He was detained in a major joint operation. Then 4000 boxes of smuggled cigarettes were found in a garage in Rousse.