Drug trafficker with 37 kg marijuana is trying to escape from customs inspection


Drug trafficker carrying nearly 37 kilograms of marijuana, tried to thwart customs inspection. Instead of executing the order and direct the vehicle at the X-rays, the man pointed the car at the Romanian border on the Danube Bridge border checkpoint. Specialized car at the Customs Ruse chasing fugitive and escorted him back to the X-rays.

The case is of the night of 3-th March. Kosovo citizen LT / 36 / arrived at the track "output" of the Danube Bridge border checkpoint 10 minutes after midnight with Van - platform with Swiss registration. His wife, a Romanian citizen, also traveled with him. On the platform was put car "Fiat".

X-ray verification showed suspicious rectangular shapes in the chassis of the platform. The van is directed towards the building of the Danube Bridge border checkpoint for a detailed check, which found that between the chassis beams mounted box with dimensions 280 x 100 x 7 cm. Сustoms officers cut away 6 mm-wide sheet metal of the stash. 71 packages of marijuana were found in the metal box. The total weight of the drug is 36.7 kg.

The prosecutor and investigating customs inspector were immediately notified of the case. The drug trafficker and his wife were arrested.