Rousse customs officers captured more than 3,000 boxes of cigarettes without excise


2578 of them traveled on a bus to Romania unaccompanied


Rousse customs officers captured more than 3,000 boxes of illegal cigarettes.
2578 boxes of cigarettes of different brands were traveling as unaccompanied luggage on a bus from Greece to Romania. 500 other boxes were found in five different cavities in the cabin of Turkish TIR. Vehicles are captured when leaving the country in the Danube Bridge border checkpoint.

Romanian tourist bus arrived at the track "exit" on Saturday around 2pm . Customs inspectors have a thorough check of passengers and luggage . All suitcases, bags and bundles were scanned with a stationary X-ray. Tobacco products are registered in four bags. Two suitcases crammed with cigarettes "PARK" and "TS 8 Sunny", were labeled Romanian name. Inspection found no one by that name to travel on the bus. The cigarettes were seized in Customs Ruse. The value of excise duty for the quantity found is 9654.61 Bulgarian lev.

In the evening, around midnight, customs inspectors found another 500 boxes of cigarettes brands "LM", "Pall Mall", "Marlboro" and "Karelia Ome" checking the outgoing of Bulgaria Turkish TIR. The driver admitted ownership of cigarettes. He was indicted. The value of the quantity seized amounted to 3750 levs.