80 kg of tobacco for hookahs and 14,400 pieces of cigarettes seized by Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo


Two attempts to carry contraband tobacco seized by the customs officers at at Kapitan Andreevo. At the first case, customs officials seized 80 kilograms of smuggled flavored tobacco for hookah.

The goods without excise were hidden in the cab of the Turkish TIR, transporting tomatoes to Poland, according to the documents. Based on a "risk analysis" customs officers selected the truck for x-ray control. When made ​​a detailed check in the driver's cabin, under the mattresses on both beds were found hidden 70 packs of 1 kg and other 20 packs of 0.5 kg flavored tobacco for hookah labeled Al Faker, all without excise labels. The excise duty on the total quantity of 80 kg of tobacco for hookah is 12 160 BGN. The truck driver, Turkish citizen with initials U.P.,was fined for customs violation.

Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo seized  as well 720 boxes (14,400 pieces) of cigarettes without excise banderol. The contraband 600 boxes branded "Ashima" and 120 boxes "Victory exlusive" were found in the travel bag of N.M., 57 years old Bulgarian citizen, travelling on a bus on the regular lines Turkey - Bulgaria.

Tobacco products were seized.

 Pretrial proceedings on both cases are initiated, according to the inventory of the Customs Office Svilengrad.