Customs of Ruse seized illegal currency worth about 430 000 levs in Rumanian citizens


Channel trafficking currency in large amounts was stopped at the border checkpoint - Danube Bridge in a joint operation of the State National Security Agency and the Customs Agency in cooperation with the Border Police. The amount seized is worth about 430 000 levs.

Total $ 220,000 and € 55,000 were seized from five Romanian citizens traveling by bus from Bucharest to Istanbul on Tuesday evening. Inspection by officers of the Customs Ruse found that one of the passengers has provided part of the carrier of him currency to other passengers. They should declare it as their own when crossing the border. Much more than the quantity stated of money were found in the persons.

The prosecutor and investigating customs inspector were informed immediately about the case. It has begun preliminary investigation on crimes against the currency regime. Persons involved in the case were questioned that night. The investigation established as facilitator of trafficking of currency 39-year old Romanian citizen. The investigation established as facilitators of trafficking of currency 39-year old Romanian citizen. He was indicted and arrested in detention facilities of Ruse.