Customs and police officers seized more than 4 million contraband cigarettes hidden in blocks of paraffin



The teams of customs and police officers carried out 420 joint inspections from 10 to 24 March. Inspections are carried out mainly at Ilinden and Kulata border check points. Upon inspection at Kulata border check point customs and police officers found 4.12 million pieces of illegal cigarettes. Cigarettes, branded "Royal" and "Jim", have no excise labels. They are found in Romanian truck, traveling from Greece to Romania. The cigarettes were hidden in blocks of industrial paraffin. In this case pre-trial proceedings.
In the joint inspection customs and police officers found 560 kilograms high quality marijuana. The joint team detainees are 7800 liters diesel undocumented in Sofia. Customs and police discovered 1055 liters of brandy in a private home in the village Delchevo, Blagoevgrad region