Attempt to smuggle banned from import pesticides prevented by the Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo



108.5 kg and 78 liters pesticides found and detained by Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo  while checking a car entering the country. The driver declared  two packages of  herbicides to customs officials. However, when a detailed check was carried out, it becomes clear that in the trunk of the car, under the goods for personal use, are concealed 14 cans of 5 liters, 8 packs of 1 liter, and 202 packages of 1 kg. or 50 g of different types of herbicides. The total amount of goods banned from import found is 108.5 kg and 78 liters.

The  herbicides were confiscated and customs officers issued an Act to the offender.

Only during the first quarter of 2014 at Kapitan Andreevo were detained nearly one ton pesticides produced in Turkey on the basis of active substances banned in the European Union.