Customs and Border Police officers at Lesovo checkpoint seized contraband dental instruments and silver



Customs and border officers at Lesovo checkpoint revealed two attempted smuggling of dental instruments and silver jewelry from Turkey. They seized undeclared 1017 dental instruments and silver jewelry with a total weight of 2883 grams.

The dental instruments were found in a van with Bulgarian registration. The violator

is Bulgarian citizen.

Undeclared silver jewelry also was found in a van, but with foreign registration, traveling from Turkey to Moldova. The driver who was Romanian citizen declared that he was transporting used personal belongings in bags.

Customs officers selected the van for a detailed customs inspection after a signal made by the Border's Police officers.

In one of the packages was found 940 pieces of silver jewelry. In some other packages in the van were found 10,000 pieces / 500 cans / cigarettes without excise stamps brand "Ashima".

The two violators were sanctioned according to the Law on Customs.