A record amount of precursor enough to produce 150 million amphetamine tablets retained by employees of the customs office Svilengrad



A record amount of APAAN - a precursor for manufacturing amphetamine, was discovered and detained by officers of the Customs Office Svilengrad. The precursor was transported in Bulgarian truck traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria. According to the documents the truck was carrying water-soluble dyes. When checking the customs officials discovered that in the truck are loaded five different types of goods. One of the products is in unmarked barrels filled with powdery substance with a pale yellow color. Because of suspect that the transported substances differ from the declared, a sample was taken and tested at the Central Customs Laboratory. Laboratory test results show that the substance is APAAN - a precursor for manufacturing amphetamine. A record amount of 940 kg has been detained at a price nearly 100 000 BGN. The amount is sufficient to produce 150 million tablets of amphetamine.

This is the largest amount of APAAN, detained ever by the Bulgarian customs officers.

On this case a preliminary proceeding is initiated, under the docket of Svilengrad Customs  Office, supervised by the Haskovo Regional Prosecutor.