Record quantity of contraband goods found in a car by customs officers at Malko Tarnovo



30 960 pieces of undeclared plastic cigarette filters and 1433
accessories with the logo of world brands were found in a car with
Polish registration by the customs officers at Malko Tarnovo  checkpoint.

The car - a Mercedes, was entering the country from Turkey.

The driver and the passengers in the car declared in front of the Bulgarian customs officials that they have no goods to declare and that they carried only personal luggage. The customs officers selected the car for detailed customs inspection by the risk analysis method. During the inspection the customs officers found 43 factory  packs, containing 30 960 pieces of plastic cigarette filters with the brand "ALKAN", as well as 1433 metal key rings, stickers, badges and other accessories with the logo of world brands, which were hidden in the hand luggage and in boxes in the cabin and the trunk of the car. It was established that the contraband goods are owned by the driver and by one of the passengers. Statements for violation of the Law on Customs were issued against the two Polish nationals.

The official right owners of the relevant trademarks will be informed about the case in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 608/2013 and the Law on Marks and the Geographical Indications. 
The cross border office at Malko Tarnovo is equipped with modern 
X-ray equipment and a specialized warehouse for detailed customs 
inspections. With regards to the expected increased traffic of cars and 
tourist buses during the upcoming holidays, the customs officials warn 
citizens to be aware of the constant and effective customs control which
is performed on the passing vehicles and cargo.