Customs officers found 35 kilograms of heroin from a secret compartment in the ceiling of the car


Trafficking over 35 kilograms of heroin was stopped at the border checkpoint in Silistra during joint actions of customs officers and border police. The drug is found in a minibus "Mercedes" with Bulgarian registration, traveling to Western Europe.

The driver and three other men were traveling in the car. Passengers and the driver said they have nothing to declare. The vehicle was directed towards a detailed check.  
The investigation found that the packets into the shelter are 65 numbers with a total weight of 35.225 kg. One person is in custody with the assistance of Border Police.

The cost of such amount may be between 1.2 to 3.2 million lev depending on the purity of the drug. This is the largest amount of heroin seized at border checkpoints Silistra past two years and the second important blow through the heroin traffic into the customs territory of Ruse from the beginning of this year. On March 17, customs officials seized about 18 kg of heroin in Turkish TIR loaded with tomatoes for Western Europe.