1.239 kg tablets "ecstasy" were detained at border crossing Danube Bridge



Three attempts to smuggle drugs prevented customs officials in recent days. Ecstasy tablets,  medication with drug content and heroin were seized.


 Rousse customs officials, together with officials of the National Security Agency and the Border Police, crossed the channel traffic of synthetic drugs from the Netherlands to Bulgaria. 1.239 kg "ecstasy" in the form of tablets were seized at Danube Bridge border checkpoint while trying to be imported. The joint operation was realized in the early morning hours of April 19. The drug was found in the car "KIA CARENS" with a Dutch registration. Three Bulgarian nationals / two men and a young woman / traveling in the car. Driven by 50-year-D.K. Upon verification of travelers' personal luggage customs officers found a red plastic bag under two packages of coffee. Bulky package with orange pills in the shape of a heart was found in the bag. Customs made ​​narkotest. The test indicated the presence of drugs.
6 tablets more with different shape and color, which is also found to be a synthetic drug, were found in the front pocket of the textile bag. The bag was owned by the driver driver DK drugs probably was intended for personal use or sample.

Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in Customs Ruse in connection with the case. D.K. detained in Ruse custody. Prosecutors also verifies involvement of the other two passengers to drug channels. The approximate value of the seized drug is about 37 000 lev.

 1.274 kg. heroin seized at the border checkpoint Vidin-Calafat in a joint operation of the Border Police, Customs Vidin and SANS. The drug is found in a special compartment of the car with Bulgarian registration. who was trying to leave the country. Two Macedonian citizens were arrested in connection with the case.

 Customs officers at the border checkpoint in Gueshevo have detained more than 1,500 tablets of a narcotic drug content. The blisters were found in the luggage of a Macedonian citizen lady traveling by bus to Bulgaria